Retail Mattress Suppliers Get Wakeup Call From Soaring Online Sales


In recent years, the mattress business has boomed as newcomers are using big budget marketing tactics to promote their ‘technically advanced’ mattresses. It seems the days where you tried and tested mattresses yourself, only to wait weeks for manufacturers to deliver are vanishing.

Retail Mattress Suppliers Get Wakeup Call From Soaring Online Sales

New business including the likes of Simba, Casper and Eve Sleep are promoting the fun idea of a ‘Bed in a Box’ concept which sees mattresses delivered to your front door almost instantly.

Whilst the concept of buying a mattress for decades has been tired, these new sellers in the bed business have earnt a 5% cut of the annual market, risen from 0% four years ago and traditional bed firms have faced the hit. Recent months have seen the once popular Feather & Black alongside Warren Evans go bust.

Benson for Beds are too feeling the pressure after their lengthy delivery services and lack of online alternatives are being outshone. However, traditional players in the business are not taking to their new competition lightly.

John Lewis has begun selling Simba on their website whilst Argos are offering a same-day delivery service and Ikea are allowing their customers to take their mattress away the same day.

Co-founder and Chief Executive of British newcomer Eve Sleep, Jas Bagniewski says, “We believe it is a game-changing shift.”

He continues, “ If you look at the more traditional brands you can see they are struggling.”

Eve Sleep, along with other businesses alike has seen sales rising by more than 100% a year in the UK.

Patrick O’Brien, an analyst at City research group GlobalData, says the new way of buying mattresses means online will account for 20% of sales by 2021. Since launching in 2014, the key to new sellers success in the industry has been their fast,

convenient ‘Bed in a Box’ delivery service and their low prices compared with those found on the high street.

Many new businesses also offer a 3 month (or more) return guarantee, so If you’re not happy with your mattress, you will be refunded.

This year, Eve Sleep has had around 12% of their mattresses returned, which has decreased from 17% a year ago out of the 32,000 which were sold. Those returning are re-stored and sold second hand.

Many of these new online specialists including Simba Sleep are also offering money-saving Voucher Codes to further encourage sales in what is now an ultra-competitive marketplace.

The bed specialist, Dreams has created its own bed in a box under the brand Hyde & Sleep. The company’s chief executive, Mike Logue, says sales soared 256% last year. “We need to be in that space and to have that offer,” he said. He believes the mass of money being pumped into marketing mattresses will persuade customers to replace their mattress more often than the current 12 years and could increase the market overall.

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