Perfect Details With the Best Gates Now for You


In nine or renovation, you thought aesthetics and insulation to choose your front door. But we often forget that it also serves to avoid unwanted intruders. What are the essential points to consider in addition to ensuring the safety of the whole family?

Perfect Details With the Best Gates Now for You

Entrance door and robustness of materials

The front door is one of the vulnerabilities of any home. In France, 40% of break-ins are made by this opening. To prevent such risks, it is better to choose it knowingly.

Thus, before even looking at the strength of the lock itself or the number of anchor points, you should know that PVC, wood, and aluminum do not offer the same resistance:

PVC: naturally, it is a material that can discourage a malefactor. The subject of course to opt for sleepers with metal frames.

Wood: Often used in renovation, the wooden door is usually more complicated to open than its PVC counterpart.

Aluminum: the aluminum or mixed wood/aluminum entry door is the best in terms of safety, especially the K-Line frames offered by our three showrooms (the gateway). Then there is the Phoenix RV Gates with the best quality now.

Security: to go further

To sleep on both ears, your door, regardless of its material, must have a number of elements:

  • A lock with three to six security points
  • An anti-disengagement system
  • Screwing the hinges (the metal parts that allow the door to rotate) invisibly in the frame and opening. Indeed, if you have opted for a multipoint lock, the perpetrators can attack your front door by trying to tear the hinges.
  • For entrance doors with glazed parts, they must be strong to act as burglar-proof.
  • A door when facing a street or outside must be safe so that you feel at home. The term security remains relatively broad, in this article we present the materials to use to enhance the security of your doors. Door security will have no secrets for you.

Door security: The different security elements of the doors

Three-point and five-point locks are preferred for maximum comfort and safety. Thanks to its five or three locking points the task of burglars will be much more complicated. However, a lock alone, cannot guarantee you good security from the moment when the glazing is not adapted or that the joinery does not comprise anti-raising element.

Door security: Glazing

No need to reinforce your carpentry if the glazing is not resistant. For this, it is possible to use laminated glazing as well as anti-burglary glazing. The performance of the latter is measured according to the indicated time of resistance of the material. In general, the thicker the glazing, the greater the resistance.

Door security: Use hardware in the uprights

Directly present in the amounts of your joinery, these elements protect the joinery against the risks of the uprising. Indeed, the main technique of burglary is to pass a screwdriver under the carpentry and then lift to disassemble the door. With this system, it is not possible to remove a door in a closed position.

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