4 Useful Easy Plumbing Tips for Beginners


Have you always wanted to be a DIY plumbing expert or probably learn a few tricks to be able to make some fix to minor plumbing problems? This way you get to save lots of dollars by simply taking care of dripping water from a faucet or clogging bathtub yourself rather than calling a professional plumber. Aside from that, you can quickly solve these minor plumbing issues before they become serious issues only professional plumbers can solve.

4 Useful Easy Plumbing Tips for Beginners

Here, you get to learn four few plumbing tips that can help become a DIY plumbing expert.

Tip 1 – Learn to Replace Parts inside Your Toilet or Faucet without worry

You need to be seriously careful when working with parts under your sink or shower, so it doesn’t escalate into bigger issues that require you to get a plumber in Toronto. However, there is good news, you don’t need to be scared of replacing either any faulty parts like flapper and faucet’s cartridge – because it can’t result in a bigger problem.

Most of the time, when you notice water dripping between your toilet tank and the bowl, the culprit is the flapper. Replacing a worn flapper with a new one actually cost few bucks; with no worry on how to install – an easy-to-follow guide is provided.

Now, getting your sink dripping to stop might require you to fix your faucets. This is simple, as many faucets are modern and only need you to purchase a new cartridge replaced with the whole interior. This trick should do it.

Tip 2 – Remove Clogs Without Chemicals

if you notice your drain isn’t clearing as fast as it normally does, you don’t need to purchase any costly chemical drain cleaner. Simple manual jobs will do. With the aid of a drain snake you can manually unclog your drain, you should be able to reach and remove the culprit blocking your drain. Another amazing alternative is making use of a dry shop vacuum with a higher suction power will suck out the clog.

Tip 3 – Check Your Showerhead for Issues

After checking your showerheads and you find it dripping; one of the effective methods that help solve this using a thread tape. Whenever you observe a leakage, this is mostly as a result of slight tight or loss thread connection. So, how do you get fixed? Get to the showerhead; apply a new thread tape after unscrewing. When wrapping the thread; you should in a clockwise manner and fix the showerhead back.

Sadly, if this isn’t the case i.e. clogs appear to be the cause, you need to leave the showerhead in a bowl containing warm water and vinegar for about 60 minutes. After that, take out the showerhead and with the aid of a small brush remove any mineral residue serving as a clog.

Tip 4 – Forget Pipe dope, Use Thread Tape

Pipe dope also called Thread sealing compound can spread over your pipe and cause drip, if not done properly. So, it is ideal for you to make use of thread tape whenever you are fixing plumbing problems that have to do with pipe threads. Thread tapes make most DIY pipe thread fix perfectly without any recurring troubles. All you have to do is go on to the market and purchase a multi-purpose tape – white in colour. However, thick thread tapes are also appropriate. They come in different colours yellow for gas and pink for water.

For tight wrapping; you use to wrap the thread tape around the pipe thread in an anticlockwise direction. For best result, make sure you wrap around the pipe several times and very airtight.

With these 4 simple DIY tips, you should be able to fix minor plumbing issues confidently.

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