Why You Need Straight Stairlifts


When it comes to mobility restrictions, stairs can be a big challenge. Having a staircase in your home can mean that you are restricted and you cannot access some social amenities in your rooms. However, there is no need for you to live with this barrier in your home when you can install straight stairlifts. They will enable you to access all parts of your house, however, there are many other benefits of installing them as well. Read below to discover why you need straight stairlifts in your home.

Why You Need Straight Stairlifts

Having your freedom

Senior citizens and people who are living with disabilities face significant challenges when it comes to access to various amenities in their home such as bathrooms. They may be forced to relocate because there are no means of accessing all parts of the house. But you do not need to move when you can just make use of a stairlift. You can again start enjoying your freedom of movement and start accessing your entire house.


With a stairlift, there is mechanical transportation up and down. It is a chair that is equipped with a safety buckle. Hence you should ensure that the chair is fastened during the movement so that you are safe when moving. Also, most of the stairlifts in the market have various safety features that are essential. They help in preventing operation if there is an obstruction. You also have the opportunity of checking the lock switch so that there is no one else who can use the chair.


For optimal comfort, the seat and armrest are padded, and they also can be adjusted. There is also the footrest that is easily adjustable to the height that you may desire. Making straight stairlifts a comfortable option.

Accessing the full staircase

Most of the stairlifts do not block access to the whole staircase because they have slim profiles. The chair and footrest fold away so they are not a hindrance to other people who may be using the staircase at the same time. Therefore, as you use the stairlift, others will also be able to use the rest of the staircase.

Ease of Use

Today, stairlifts can easily be controlled with the use of the toggle that is on the armrest. With advanced technology, there are those that have been manufactured to use through remote controls. Making them easy to use for everyone. The best part is that it also charges when it is not being used, meaning that whenever you need to use it, it will be ready. There is also a backup battery in case there is a power cut in your home.

You can make a custom stairlift

If you want a stairlift, you should call an installer who will visit and measure the angle and length of your staircase. Therefore, they can design a stairlift that suits your needs perfectly, ensuring that you can use it without any problems occurring. There are various stairlifts on the market today, and you need to work with professionals when it comes to the installation of the straight stairlifts. Call professionals today and you will see a lot of benefits.

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