What is Imitation Grass?


Nowadays artificial grass is quite commonly used in different areas. That may include the park near your home, sports stadium or even at your neighbor lawn. You may be interested in imitation grass but is not sure what it is? This article tries to give information about imitation grass so that you have a good idea about it and how it is used by different people differently. 

What Is Imitation Grass?

Imitation Grass is a man-made grass made up of synthetic fibers that look like natural grass. It may be used interchangeably with artificial grass.

The blades of imitation grass are green in color and they are available in different pile heights. The construction way is similar to that of a carpet. The base is of solid backing and then the blades are stitched on the base with a machine. With time there is some change and the base is mainly a brown thatch now. It gives a look of dead grass and looks more natural. With new technology, the imitation grass made now almost looks like the real grass. 

The first use of imitation grass was during 1966 when it was installed in the first indoor multipurpose stadium at the Houston Astrodome. Due to some technical problem, they were unable to grow real grass at the stadium. Thus, during the second half of the season in order to reduce the bad condition of the field, imitation grass was installed for the first time in history. 

Why Consider Imitation Grass

Why Consider Imitation Grass?

Like most people, you may also have a thought that why use imitation grass when you can have natural grass. It’s true that natural is always good but imitation grass also has a certain advantage over natural grass that is making it used by many people around the world. The most useful is of course at sports stadiums but now apart from that many households are also installing it. 

When it comes to landscaping options, imitation grass gives you many alternatives. You do not have to maintain it like natural grass. Moreover, it does not require any water regularly. Sometimes you may have to clean it with water, that’s all. There is no need of mowing at regular intervals. All you require is brushing so that the shape of the blades remains good. Moreover, an area where water is scanty imitation grass gives an option to give a greener look to the lawns. It gives you a natural feel and is a good alternative. 

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