Simple and Effective Methods to Soundproof Your Doors


Many homeowners are highly passionate when it comes to soundproofing projects. Most of them end up spending a lot of money as they try to reduce the noise in their homes. Noise proofing your home saves you from disturbing cars that drive at night or people having a party if your neighborhood. While most struggle with soundproofing the walls and the windows, they fail to realize is that their doorways tend to let in a lot of noise.

Simple and Effective Methods to Soundproof Your Doors

It should be one of the key places to start any soundproofing project if you want some natural calmness. The good news is that the process is not always expensive. Below, are some of the simple tips to soundproof doors. Take a look!

Seal All Cracks and Gaps

This is one of the most affordable techniques that won’t consume much of your energy. Cracks and gaps on your door are often the ‘main culprits’ of letting in sound. Many doors come with such flaws so you should always start by sealing them.

If these cracks and gaps are not visible enough, switch off the lights and get someone who can hold a torch on the outside part of the now closed door. These cracks will always let some light through. To seal them use an insulating sealant which is entirely airtight. If the gaps are smaller than 1 inch, use the ‘Red Devil’ small Gap foam.

Apply a Weather-stripping Tape on Your Door

Although weather-stripping tape is only used on garage doors, it also works pretty well in dampening sound. It plugs the space between the door and its frame. It is easy to use, and you can remove it any time if you feel that you do not need it anymore.

It comes in rubber or vinyl. You choose what fits your space and the type of your door. You can use for your bedroom door or the front one.

Door Gaskets

If you have some money to spare, then you can go for the more expensive door gaskets instead of weather-stripping tapes. They both perform the same function which is to seal gaps on the door header and jambs. This helps in preventing entry of light, moisture, and sound.

However, door gaskets are only suitable for doors with a metallic skin. This enables the magnetic strip to adhere and seal your door.

Use a Soundproofing Blanket

These blankets are made from fiberglass, a favorite sound absorber. Yes, they absorb different types of sounds plus they are easy to install. You only need to hang them at the back of the door using hooks. They’re a convenient soundproof door method as you can remove or put them whenever you want. The only disadvantage is that they don’t have the aesthetic and visual appeal.


The doorway is a considerable noise menace if ignored or neglected. It can be expensive or cheap depending on the condition of your door. All in all, with these steps you can reduce the noise coming through your door and still save a good chunk of money. Try them out!

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