A Quick Guide to NVR Camera System


NVR – Network Video Recorder is a software system where you can record everything and view the recorded data using a USB, memory card or any other kind of storage system. Here there is no need of dedicated hardware system to capture the video recordings and you can easily have them anywhere as they are wireless cameras. To keep it simple, NVR camera system is a system of IP cameras which are connected to each other on an Ethernet or through Wi-Fi. In case the camera receives any moment it will trigger the alarm. With the availability of cloud storage, the cameras can directly stream the videos and the recording data can be stored on the cloud.

A Quick Guide to NVR Camera System

Different types of NVR camera system

  • 4 channel NVR camera system

If you are new to the world of security cameras and looking for the entry level options then this is it. You can easily use it without the need for any specific software or hardware. The system is compatible with the IP cameras and you can start using it by plugging it into LAN connection. Here you can easily connect 4 IP cameras and start using them all at the same time.

  • 8 channel NVR security system

Now, this is very much similar to the above-mentioned security system. Here too you don’t any specific hardware and software and can run it simply by connecting to a LAN connection. Here you will be able to connect 8 IP cameras only a single system.

  • 16 channel NVR security system

If you run a big business or you have a big house with a large property, you will need a number of security cameras. So you have this option where you can connect 16 IP cameras on a single network. In case, you plan to go for this system, just be sure to have a better storage space to keep the recordings safe.

How to install the NVR camera system for surveillance?

The NVR camera system comes with the facility to support external hard disk. Here the issue of network congestion is reduced as the data network connection and network camera connection are separated with the help of a built-in gateway. The digital output and the four digital input interfaces can be easily integrated into security alarms and sensors. When it comes to network recording, NVR offers the best quality recording.

Benefits of NVR cameras

  • Using NVR cameras you can store larger chunks of video recording. The recordings can be saved for a long time for future references.
  • You can easily set up motion detectors and sensors which most of the individual cameras do not support.
  • Using NVR cameras all the recordings can be seen and reviewed from a single interface. This saves you the time and effort to check each and every camera on the network.

NVR cameras need a power source to get working and so you cannot call them 100% wireless. You can even find cameras which make use of batteries to run. But then, you will need to change and insert new one frequently to run the cameras round the clock.

Choosing a camera system is very important these days as more number of crimes are registered every now and then. Installing proper NVR camera system will ensure that you as well as your property are safe. Moreover, the presence of NVR camera system will discourage the intruders and discourage them to break into your property. High-quality camera recording will serve as a piece of evidence in case of theft or damage to the property.

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