Home Security Tips for Your Perth Property


Keeping your home safe needs to be a priority. AMCO Locksmith Perth offers the following information on ways to keep your home safe.

Home Security Tips for Your Perth Property

Secure your garage doors and windows

Your garage doors and windows are entry points to your home. Homeowners may think that their homes are protected with solid locks on the front and back doors, but they tend to overlook the garage doors and windows. Consider the age of your garage door opener. Older openers are easier to hack, so if you have a model that is about 15 years or older, it is time to upgrade to a newer system that offers rolling codes. Some garages also have windows, which is another access point to the house. Windows in the garage may be easier to access. If your windows aren’t secure, upgrade the windows to security glass or shutters, and be sure that the locks for the windows are secure.

Lock detached garages and storage sheds

If there is nothing valuable in your garden shed you may not be quite so concerned; but, you should be concerned with the thought of thieves breaking into the shed and accessing things that would allow them to access the house. For example, a ladder to reach an open window upstairs, or a hammer to break a lock. Secure your sheds with secure locks to keep them safe.

Keep all windows and doors locked

Windows are another access point into the home, and they should always be locked along with the doors of a home. With the crime rate of today, it is essential that they remained locked even when you’re home. If the locks on your doors are knob locks, consider adding deadbolts for added security. It will make it tougher for burglars to kick down the door.

Keep temptations away

Don’t tempt burglars. You may have a big plasma TV that is easily seen through a window. Keep the blinds closed. Perhaps, a fancy car. Keep it in the garage. Keep valuables out of sight to avoid temptations to thieves who would love to get their hands on them.

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