Skylight or No Skylight Roofs?


The choice is difficult to make when there are many options you can choose from. When you start to look for suitable roofing for your home you will be faced with the challenge of finding the best fit. Each one has its own pros and cons and one thing that holds everything together is the amount you are willing to spend on the roof. For roofing troy Michigan you can contact reliable roofing contractors for help in this matter.

One of the roofs you can have is the skylight roof. The skylight roof is one of its kind since the beauty it adds to your house cannot be matched with any other. But you can’t just have a roof based on how it looks. There are various things that need to be considered such as the pros and cons of the skylights.

Skylight or No Skylight Roofs?


To begin the analysis of whether skylights should be installed or not let’s first look at all it has to offer.


The skylights offer a natural light substance that is due to the transparent glass the sunlight can enter the house. Although it can be annoying sometimes it is a definite advantage for areas that received a very low light proportion.


This is the major reason why people actually buy skylights. These provide the best view. Imagine passing out on your bed while looking at the stars above you. You can also have a beautiful view for a cloudy day through your roof. This view can help change the entire atmosphere and the mood of the room.


Another option that is associated with the skylight is the venting it can offer. If you place the skylight at the right height you can use the venting option to have fresh air in your room when you want it. Also in bad weather or some other emergency, the same venting feature can be used.

Solar Light:

One of the things that the skylights provide is indirect solar light. The right place needs to be decided for better efficiency. If you get a skylight at the northern side of your home the sunlight it will provide will be indirect and cool. The southern side placement will get you a good solar heat in a winter season. Similarly, with east and west comes to their advantages.


Let’s now dive into the cons of the skylight.


Since the most important aspect is the price range of the roof the skylight is not preferred. The skylight is very expensive in terms of both the installation and maintenance. Since they are prone to wear and tear and thus roof leaks the insurance on these roofs are also on high payments.


With skylight comes a range of damages. From roof leaks to roof damage and the interior damage skylight covers it all. The lower quality of skylight that may be available for less price will cause leaks in no time. The furniture in the house can also be damaged if the skylight isn’t laminated.

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