Pros and Cons of Installing Downlights at Home


Downlights or also known as recessed lights or can light are lights that are installed above the line of the ceiling so that no part of the light is showing. They are now common in offices, as well as homes. If you are planning to install downlights at home, it’s best that you educate yourself with their pros and cons so you can be sure that you are making the right decision. Here are some of them.

Pros and Cons of Installing Downlights at Home

Pros of Using Downlights

  • They are not visible. As mentioned, downlights are installed inside the ceiling so they do not show, which gives a cleaner and more organized view. Moreover, they do not cast a shadow so the light that they give is seamless.
  • Convenient for low ceilings. If your house has a low ceiling, you will benefit from this as it will save space. Regular lights will eat space and can be a problem on a dropped ceiling.
  • Can cover a bigger area. If downlights are installed and angled correctly, they can light bigger space, which is a money saver since you don’t have to use several lights just to brighten the room.
  • There are waterproof models. There are downlights that are sealed making them waterproof. Aurora Lighting is one of the providers of these downlights, which are perfect to be installed in the bathroom or shower room.
  • Modern and classy. It gives the house a modern feel, as well as that luxurious ambiance. You will feel more confident and proud of inviting people to your house because of its beauty.

Cons of Using Downlights

  • Light-limited to a small area. Most downlights only light the area below them. They must still be strategically installed and angled in order to cover more area.
  • They cannot touch insulation. Insulation is important in the house. However, these lights touching the insulation can cause the fire. With this, caps or materials that prevent them from touching together must be installed to prevent this problem.
  • Installation is more complex. You need to get a professional to install downlights since the wiring needs to be worked on and holes must be placed on the ceilings where the lights will be installed. This means additional cost and time on your part.
  • More noise. Since the ceilings have holes, noise reduction will not be as effective. You may hear more noises on the rooms above these ceilings.

These are some of the pros and cons of installing downlights. If you decide to go with the installation, make sure that you are getting downlights from trusted providers like Aurora Lighting to ensure the quality of your purchase.

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