How Can the Right Lighting Help to Transform Your Home?


Lighting within the home is often approached as a necessity rather than understood as a design component. Of course, rooms need light, but what many fail to realize or fully appreciate is the difference different lighting and fixtures can create within each room or space within a home.

How Can the Right Lighting Help to Transform Your Home?

Therefore, a homeowner can spend as long as they like choosing the perfect paint colour and devising a palette or mood board for a room, but get the lighting wrong and nobody will get to see or enjoy the said room in all its finished glory.

The Real Importance of Proper Lighting

Whilst many may fail to realize the true importance of getting the right lighting, most of us have suffered due to poor lighting at one time or another. Bedroom bickering over whose turn it is to get up and switch the light off, struggling to chop those vegetables and no one’s fingers whilst straining to see in a dark kitchen and even suffering tension headaches due to straining to see well in dimly lit spaces are all common issues for those living in homes without adequate light or the right fixtures to provide light. Hence, lighting matters.

What matters then, when getting the right lighting is not sourcing the brightest bulbs out there, but approaching lighting in three key ways, and making sure to combine all three elements in order to create a light, bright and happy home.

Natural Lighting

Natural light will account for much of the light within a home. It is important to remember though that which direction your home and the rooms within it face, the time of day and also the time of year (or season) will all affect and alter how much light your home lets in.

Further, because day turns to night and summer turns to winter, it is also important to device a lighting scheme or system throughout your home which is flexible, adaptable and works with the changing times and seasons.

Natural light is also extremely important within a home, not only because we require it to see, but because of the effect natural light has on a person’s well being.

Bulbs and Wattage

The first and most important point to make when discussing the possible options and determining the best light fixtures and which bulbs to buy is to state that a bulb with a wattage which exceeds that stated on a fitting should never be used within it. And never means never; fixtures state maximum wattages for a reason; using a higher wattage bulb than is appropriate within a fixture can be dangerous.

Instead, always buy a bulb which is of the highest wattage appropriate and safe to use within a light fitting and when possible fit a dimmer switch, which will enable you to control and alter the amount of light given off.

Light Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures themselves are even more varied than the wealth of bulbs out there today and as such there can seem an overwhelming choice to pick from. A good strategy then is to kit out a home with the right lighting by working room-to-room.

Determining what the right fixture is will always be a matter of taking the room it is placed into careful consideration. Space, decor, dimensions and too what the room is used for will all combine to create the clearest idea of what fitting is appropriate.

That said, light fixtures needn’t be just a search for something appropriate, sensible and practical; in 2016 there are a plethora of exciting, innovative and wow-factor lighting fixtures that can not only help to light up a room but which also dazzle in terms of their design. To see some of what is available and begin your search, give the Oberoi Brothers Luxury Lighting website a look.

Lamps and Free-standing Lighting Options

Finally, for homeowners who do not want to start replacing fixtures, redecorating or calling in the sparks, there is still a wealth of things that can be done to brighten up the dullest of homes and rooms. Most simply, consider investing in a few lamps.

Further, to avoid cluttering a home with poorly thought out, mismatched or plain ugly lamps, and to ensure you buy lamps which fit the scale of both the space in which they will be placed and surrounding furniture, before hitting the shops, give The Complete Floor Lamp Buying Guide featured on the eBay website a read.

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